plans for the new year

Recently, I took a relaxing break from the blog and had a code-free few weeks over the Christmas holidays and new year. As I haven't posted for quite some time, I wanted to quickly share with those following my antics on this blog what I plan to do over the coming months...

  • chrismtasbaublesWindsor Registration 
    I'm currently in the middle of my series on Windsor registration and have not yet got to the framework itself! I plan to continue with this in the next few posts.
  • Integrating the Spark View Engine
    I'm loving the spark view engine and use nothing else at the moment for my MVC UI and is fairly easy to set up.
  • Model Messaging
    I plan to share my own small framework for ensuring separation of concerns that can be used in MVC and other separation patterns.
  • Membership and ASP.NET MVC
    I recently integrated membership into one of my MVC projects and want to share how I did this.
  • Tips, tricks and tidbits
    I don't do enough posting of small nuggets of interesting code and I don't often comment on or refer to interesting blogs - I need to do some work on that!

Should keep me busy in 2010.

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